Coffee education is either expensive or rubbish. Or both.
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We're looking for ways to perform much more research, experimentation, and development. Unfortunately this stuff takes a lot of time and resources.

As it stands, Barista Hustle can only afford research if it's highly likely it will result in a marketable product. After this, the rest of our time and resources are spent on sales and marketing to make sure the product is profitable. These are realities of traditional business.

Luckily, we're not fans of traditional.

Our idea in a nutshell is to create a paid version of Barista Hustle. Professionals, enthusiasts, and businesses could all sign up for themselves and their staff.

With that money we'd be able to hire a team, build a lab, and get to work helping members make better coffee like it's a job (literally). We're thinking courses, reviews, and videos; but that's just the start.

Members would have exclusive access to the information, be eligible for certification through the coursework, and get massive discounts on the non-digital educational and brewing products we develop.

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We're not going to lie. Proper research and content production isn't cheap. There also aren't millions of coffee professionals to share the cost. This is a niche product.

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